Hi Everyone!

Hope you all are holding up well in this new year! The shop continues to be busy growing and adding, not only new tools but we also added a new team member! Thomas Delp started working with us in November 2020, he moved to Buffalo Gap with his family in September 2020 from Spokane Washington, we are lucky he found us right away! Thomas helps with making and shaping many of our Heddeka, Quantum Healers, clasp, and other random finish work. Thomas has a knack for technology, and likes spending his free time editing videos, building and rebuilding computers. We hope Thomas will also take over much of our computer technicalities.

Team Twistedsage ~

(Front Row: Jo Besco,Isaac Taylor Second Row: Lucas Matsamas, Billie Besco, Brian Besco, Shirley Besco, Mary Malloy, Lily Matsamas, Lexi Matsamas, Eliza Matsamas Third Row Zig Zag: Mike Edwards, Don Pourier, Lenny Zellman, Colton Pourier, Amber Matsamas, Brenda Schnose, Matt Campbell, William Malloy, Jeniffer Tecklenburg, Randy Graham, Anita Johnson)

Hello There!

Would you look at that, the Twistedsage Studios Team has finally stood still long enough to get a picture of everyone! No special make up or filters, unedited, this is us as we are on the daily.  Work never really feels like work, we are very fortunate to be able to do this work and surround ourselves with such phenomenal beings.  It is an honor for each one of us to be a part of this group and bring more love and light into the world at such a strange time. We are forever grateful to our customers for your continued love and support.