Filipa owns the photo equipment.  She was handed a 1/8 Cubit Ascension Ring during meditation.  It immediately flipped her aura colors and took her more out of the mind.

The second photo was taken less than a minute later.  After 10 minutes, we finished up with the Tube Torus, completing her golden aura.

The images were provided to us courtesy of Jon and Filipa from the Phoenix, AZ area.

The Gaia Sphere’s Aura Photo

The photographer has taken Krilian photo-images of many well-known Crystal Skulls, but had never seen such a field as this.

He stated “It is a very spiritual Sphere, acting like a school-house with Spirit going in and Spirit going out.  There is also a lot of chatter going on with it.”

Others have noted that they can see auras on living beings but not inanimate objects… except for the Gaia Sphere.

-Photo taken at a wholistic fair in Casper, WY in 2011