Located in The Black Hills of South Dakota,
Twistedsage Studios is a store front, gathering space, and manufacturing facility.

Twistedsage Studios

We often have monthly gatherings, with a potluck and channel session from my sister Brenda.  Throughout the year, we get random passer-byes who stop in, not knowing why they were drawn to stop in.  I usually just say “hop in the chamber while you are here” as we do not charge a thing to go through the Ascension Chamber. 🙂

We do receive guests who make appointments and travel from all over the world for sessions or play.

There are many who claim to have cleared their cancer or addictions by just going through the chamber or having a session with the tools and I, or with Brenda.

We are a family run business, with 5 out of 7 employees being immediate family.

Twistedsage Studios was recently incorporated in February of 2017, but has humble beginnings going back to 2010.