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About Us

  Twistedsage Studios is located in the Black Hills of South Dakota, where some of the most profound tools on the planet are anchored into the physical through Sacred measures. 

The Studio became incorporated in February of 2017, and currently has 6 employees, 4 of which are family.

Brian Besco is the founder owner operator and a world renowned energy worker, seer, shaman, healer, dowser and geomancer, and proud father, successful business owner, author, teacher, and facilitator of several new modalities and processes. 

Brian is a guest speaker and workshop facilitator across the US at such places as Tesla Tech, Star Knowledge and UFO Conventions, Dowsing Conventions, Radionics workshops, and Metaphysical fairs, as his work has influence in all the above fields and beyond. 

Twistedsage Studios


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