444 Torus

The Torus is a soft touch, the peace of Being, yet the power is immense.

Very powerful if can get the human to step away.
Be in the heart and just Be.

When using the 444 Torus, your soul knows why.
Just go into the heart and just Be. And allow Creation Energy to flow.
Not trying to make the outcome. Keep mind out of it the best you can.
Be in the heart and allow it to do its magic.

Don’t expect the outcome to happen instantly, but know that when you place the Torus,
know that the transformation is taking place. Time isn’t relevant.

If you need to take an active role in it, this is not for you.

This is for those who can just Be.
These tools were made in the new energy.
The Being, not the doing. This is a new concept.
If just beginning, just know you have to be able to get out of the way.
To find more about the Torus design,
or if you would like to consider a different Torus to take more of an active role with,
please visit the Harmony Torus

The 444 Torus physical aspects:

Nearly twelve inches in diameter.
Weighs exactly two pounds.
The outer Ring is an ultra-heavy 4-gauge 888.

Personal observations and experiences:

I have found this to be the most powerful hand-held tool we have created.
Holding over the Heart opens it wide. Holding it above the head opens the crown wide open.
Can be used on any of the chakras for opening clearing balancing.
Still a great tool to “use” for body work, but again, the Magic and Miracles are in the Be-ing….