111 Heart Pendant

Simple and powerful connection from the Heart – Source – Soul
…bringing in that Creation Energy and the new way of just Be-ing.

Created with the 111 Metatron Ring and Infinite Heart.

Takes you to a place of just Being.
When you step into that light with the thought of just Being, everything happens.
If step in to try to “Do” something, it’s not as powerful…

Not thinking, just Being. That’s where miracles take place.

Infinity between you and soul. The 111 Ring with infinity brings through Creation Energy.
The infinity connects into soul more fully with 111 Ring.
Ring holds space and amplifies to allow to happen more fully. Creation Energy.

Personal. For the person wearing it, in that it is more internal.

The chaos drama worries away, more higher perspective of the soul.
Infinity connects into the soul.

Use the infinity to another for more soul to soul connection and interaction.

Before we had a name for it, I called the 111 Pendant the “I-don’t-give-a-Sh*t-Ring” because the chaos, the drama, the worries, went away by taking you to a higher perspective.

The Balance and Harmony comes through in the small Infinity Ring.

The two work together by pulling your consciousness into the heart center, while the higher soul connection occurs.

There is so much to the 111 Ring… I consider this 888 family of Rings to be one of the simplest, broadest, and highest Source/Soul connecting physical tools on the planet at this time. And are becoming even more-so every day!!!

I recommend this pendant as a step up from the Balance and Harmony Pendant or the Harmony and Fire Pendant.

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