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Welcome to a page of life-changing resources!!!

Everything from free Reiki Master Attunements and MerKaBa Activations to videos created for releasing Entities and non-beneficial Spiritual Contracts!!  There is even a simple document for DIY Ghost Busting and Spirit Release!! And of course, the profoundly simple Sacred Space of the Heart meditation and the Trinity Breath Journey!!!!  Holy Wows!!!!!
And for you in the physical Do-It-Yourselfers out there, learn to make the Heddeka water Elemental symbol out of copper wire, or take your try at Creating the Tensor Ring!!!  There is something for everyone here, and are all FREE and all created for the Highest and Greatest Good for each and everyone!!!

There are many more videos available on our Twistedsage.com YouTube Channel https://www.youtube.com/c/TwistedsageStudios

If you are looking for more information on the Tensor Fields, please see The Energy Garden as well as downloading our Catalogue and Informative Brochure

And for you Builders, be sure to check out the How-To’s at the bottom of the page, including the priceless information found on SacredMeasures.com


  • Golden Light Rod-

    An ancient tool which anchors in all that you are; cleaning, clearing, connecting all time and space.  Environmental clearing of non-beneficial geo-pathic and geomagnetic, including portal/vortexes and entities.  Light anchoring, Soul-powered, etheric-tool attunement!

  • 5D Animator /  Ascension Chamber – Stepping into the column of Light.  Includes MerKaBa Activation.

  • Heart Code and Pineal Activation


  • DNA Uploads Downloads Activation and Clearing- Sound and Toning from The Elders Three



  • Sacred Space of the Heart

  • Journey to Gaia

  • Trinity Breath

Clearing and Anchoring

  • Anchoring Light / Global Love and Gratitude Grid

 Copper Energy Tool Construction

  • Making Heddeka Water Elementals

    Frequencies and Cubits

    • If you are interested in Creating the Tensor Ring, or even wire wrapping, or if you do any physical construction, then here is some profound information on creating frequencies from Sacred Measures and Cubit lengths!!!  Even if you do not make Tensor Rings, the Straight-Line Cubits can be utilized by everyone to make beneficial frequencies as simply as chopping a couple centimeters off of your Meter Stick!!  Please take the time to check out and share WWW.SACREDMEASURES.COM

    Creating the Tensor Ring

  • Etheric Templates

  • Creating the Gaia Sphere


Creating the Water Wheel with Randy Hatton